Escorted Tours and Self-Guided Itineraries
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See the world and discover rich history, majestic landscapes and diverse cultures with an escorted tour or an independent itinerary planned specifically for you. Just tell us how you want to travel. Do you like escorted tours, or do you prefer to explore independently?

What’s the Difference Between Escorted Group Tours and Self-Guided Independent Travel?

Take Time to Travel | Bartow County Travel Experiences | Cartersville, Georgia | Travel Agents

Escorted Travel

With an escorted tour, you don’t have to plan an itinerary, research hotels or schedule transportation. All the planning is handled for you by Take Time To Travel. Accommodations, transportation, meals, and guided sightseeing are bundled into one bundled rate. A trained tour director ensures that your trip is both enriching and enjoyable. We have partnered with the absolute best tour companies in the world to provide you with a trip you will never forget!

Guided group tours are convenient. They include knowledgeable guides that provide great information on every place you visit, and it is generally a stress-free option. People who choose group tours generally enjoy the company of other travelers, as well as the local expertise of the guides.

  • It’s great for travelers visiting an area for the first time, especially if you don’t speak the local language.
  • You’ll gain a better understanding of a destination and learn lots of interesting facts about the place you’re visiting.
  • They’re easy to do. All the logistics of the trip are pre-planned and will a trained guide, transportation, accommodations, and the best sightseeing opportunities.

Independent Travel

With a self-guided vacation package, you’ll still enjoy low hotel rates and pre-packaged itineraries, but there won’t be a tour director traveling with you. Sightseeing is done on your own or with local guides.

You’ll have everything you need at your fingertips, but with the added freedom to pick and choose what you want to do and when – all at your own pace. Plus, you have the peace of mind knowing that your travel planner will have your back whenever you need assistance or advice!

  • For experienced travelers who are looking for new challenges. If you find yourself a little overwhelmed planning trips or thinking up things to do, a self-guided tour is great!
  • For families travelling with children. Kids have their own schedule, and a self-guided trip will give the whole family plenty of options of things to do, without the pressure of having to stick to someone else’s schedule.

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