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Marina Abbott

Home Based | Sonoma, CA

Experience | International Travel
Specialty | Ocean and River Cruises, Europe
Interests | Passionate about Travel!

All the best memories in my life are travel moments and I strive to provide remarkable journeys for other travelers. Every destination is a unique opportunity to expand ourselves by exploring our world.

Growing up along the border, my first trips outside the US were with teen friends to Baja California, Mexico and I’ve never looked back. As a former wine industry professional, I see doorways into culture through the tastebuds- what was the sweep of history that brought this bottle or that dish to the kitchens of this region?

Nothing gives me more pleasure than helping you find that tiny cafe that’s been serving Mom’s home cooking since the 1800’s or the Michelin-starred restaurant for the perfect romantic evening. Want to picnic in Parisians’ favorite park? Hike the remote hill towns of northern Thailand? Thrill to hyper-modern Seoul, with a side trip to tranquil mountain temples? Sail past 400-year-old vineyards and castles? Explore your heritage in a Scandinavian open-air museum? Find yourself breathless at 12,000 feet on the roof of Europe?

Let me help you find yourself there.

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